The Edge is a group of students who are learning, together, what it means to live with God as the focus.

We believe in proclaiming the positive message of God’s saving grace.  We know that living as Christians in a broken world means learning to love and serve and we do that in a way that communicates our Creator’s furious love for us.  Youth ministry at Acworth Church is more than a weekly event – we are a family, we hang out together, pray together and we are trying to change the world together.


Every Wednesday night, youth gather together to learn, worship, and connect with one another. Typically, we start out with a twenty or so minute sermon delivered by our youth team. The sermons are put together with special relevance to the lives and circumstances of today’s youth, and are always centered around keeping our eyes focused on Christ on a day to day basis. Afterwards, the youth break up into small groups to take part in meaningful discussions as a response to the message.