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C.S. Lewis once said: “The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.”

And, in the late 1920s and early 1930s, when this church was birthed out of the hearts and minds of a tiny group of people, this idea was very much true and relevant even though Lewis had yet to make this statement.

It’s likely that this group of barely fifteen people had no idea or where the church would be as it slipped into the new millennium  or what trials it would come through in order to reach the year 2013. But no man or woman takes steps to create something like a church to call their own without stopping to consider the inevitable journey. Perhaps for those ten to fifteen people, men and women of humble backgrounds, the end goal was simply to build and establish a church in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains. But, in reality, what they did was lay the groundwork for a future that was much bigger than any of them had anticipated. And their hard work and sacrifice has trickled down into our own lives and left an indelible mark, whatever they did, and whoever they were.

Acworth Church of God of Prophecy has been an active part of the Acworth community for eighty one years, and that legacy has only motivated the members of this church to continue striving and to press forward into whatever it is that God has for us.

The idea for the church began taking root in peoples’ hearts and minds as early as 1926, and for the next five years, that idea would continue, slowly but surely, to become stronger and more determined until, in 1931, John Grady McCoy began to conduct church services in the home of Bill Davis. And from there, the church ceased to simply be an idea and became a reality.

And it did so with eleven members.

These eleven members worked together to construct a building that they could call their own, and when it was completed, they had nothing but pride for it. With no windows, sawdust covered floors, and seats made of wooden boards, they delved into God’s word and spent countless hours in worship by the light of kerosene lamps while their chilled bones were made warm by the wood-burning heaters. Humble beginnings, most certainly, but full of promise and anticipation.
From that point on, the church continued to take on new members and to encounter the presence of God as revivals were conducted and water baptisms were held in nearby creeks. Through the 40s and 50s, the church continued to grow, and the need for a new building arose. And in 1958, John Crawford and Rufus Davis, both active members, were able to purchase a bit of property on the Nance Road. And it is in that spot that the church still stands today.

In 1962 on a beautiful Sunday morning, Acworth Church began to host their services in their brand new building while C.R. Payne preached the very first message. Lunch was served under the trees, and that afternoon, the building was dedicated, every part, to God’s service. And to this day, it remains as such.

The years rolled by and as one millennium gave way to the next, the need for a new building became apparent as the congregation, once again, outgrew their current circumstance. In 2001, Acworth Church broke ground on what would become their newest and biggest undertaking since their inception. DMD Construction headed up the project, and after months upon months of hard work, and after countless hours of labor, the new building was finally completed. 2003 saw the ribbon cutting, and the rest was, as they say, history.

Whoever we are, and whatever we are doing, God has seen us through. And if C.S. Lewis is right, and the future is simply a thing that we all reach “at the rate of sixty minutes an hour”, then Acworth Church has seen hundreds of thousands of hours and millions upon millions of minutes in it’s pursuit of the future. And God has been faithful for every one of those hours and for every one of those minutes, and it is because of his grace and faithfulness that our church still stands after eighty one years with decades to show of the goodness of God.